conflict resolution 34

Propose : To isolate value conflicts and to understand how different conclusions can be based on conflicting

Try to isolate the various conflicts in these personal and social issues . Some of the issues may involve more than one set on conflicting value

Note especially how both values can be important , and we as individuals or as citizens need to make tough decisions . Creating policies for difficult problems means giving value a higher priority than another

1. Should birth parents be allowed to take their child back from adoptive parents after they have signed a paper relinquishing right ?

2. Should you give a substantial part of your paycheck to a charity that feeds famine – stricken families or use it for some new jeans you need ?

3. Should undocumented residents receive amnesty ?

4. Should persons be hired for jobs without regards to maintaining an ethnic mix ?

5. Should you tell your professor that students in the back of the class were cheating on the last test ?

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