Diagnostic evaluation assessments matrix | Education homework help

Knowledge and understanding of diagnostic evaluation assessments provides a depth of knowledge for participating on school-based decision-making teams. Academic achievement and IQ assessments, adaptive behavior scales, and behavior rating scales also provide specific data and insight into the strengths and needs of students. In turn, teachers can utilize assessment results to adjust planning and instruction within the classroom.

Use the “Diagnostic Evaluation Assessment Matrix Template” to complete this assignment.

Research diagnostic evaluation assessments: Academic assessment achievement, IQ assessment, adaptive behavior scale, and behavior rating scale. For each assessment type, identify one assessment example.

Include the following:

  • Name and publication date
  • Brief description: The specific skills/knowledge assessed.
  • Age/Grade level
  • Procedures for assessing and reporting: Procedures for assessment process and reporting of information to stakeholders.
  • Types of scores yielded: Include standard scores, score ranges, percentiles, classification, degree of proficiency, etc.


Include a 250-500 word summary description of each team member role in the assessment process and planning and administering academic interventions based on assessment results. Support your findings with a minimum of four resources.

APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.