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Subject: Disaster Recovery

Question: Describe one to two different kinds of tests that can be performed for the Disaster Recovery Plan.


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  • As part of the disaster recovery planning at a medium-sized business, you have been asked to develop a project plan to test the backups of production systems.
  1. Develop an outline of the project plan for the testing.


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The walk around test-the disaster recovery outline as reliably been said is a living file and is to a great degree accommodating going about as a tradition for all. After the course of action has been made all the apparatus must be set up and the staffs included must be accessible and one should ensure that everyone present and incorporates think about the gadgets and equipment and their working limit. Thusly, the once-over of equipment and the dealers giving such rigging can be comprehends and moreover should they require any refreshing it must be tended to soon (Howlett, 2010)

There are various sorts of disaster as we in general think about, some are destructive occasions and are unsurprising or may be vague and the others are often a direct result of human bungle. The cataclysms that result from human oversight are in like manner called fake or man-made calamities. Nowadays every one of the relationship in its field have particularly organized disaster recovery outline or a DR Plan that are realized in the midst of emergency. In any case, even in the wake of having a smooth plan one can’t just sit tight for the disaster to hit, they should encounter distinctive testing process and get measures if the testing turns out gravely. Regardless of the way that the testing shapes are extended and are exorbitant and testing the accessibility of the course of action, the impression of the overall public or the workforce is fundamental after the game plan shows up. There are a couple of strategies for testing the DR Plan (Howlett, 2010)

Specific Tests-this is the genuine test that is driven after each one of the get-togethers and masterminding of various frameworks. To check whether the plan is working and would have the ability to work in genuine emergency the specific test is basic to be driven. Particular tests stretch out from testing the recovery goals, back up channels at the region itself. To be sure, even the particular tests can run parallel to the system that is being worked at the affiliation and a live test can moreover be coordinated by ceasing the errand for the present (Howlett, 2010).


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Environmental changes have exposed organizations and individuals to different disasters which have forced individual to develop disaster recovery plans. The step to develop a disaster recovery plan is important but is not good enough if no testing has been to the plan to ensure that it is working effectively and that it can be relied upon (Wold, 2002). Different tests can be performed to ascertain the worthiness of a disaster recovery plan.

One of the tests is called structured-walk through testing. It is a test in which the members of the disaster recovery team meet and walk through the specifics of the plan verbally. Each component of the disaster recovery as documented in the plan is discussed (Wold, 2002). The importance of this test is to confirm the effectiveness of the gap by understanding each of its components (Bryson et al., 2002). The kind of test also helps in identifying weaknesses and gaps that might exist in the plan and correct them. The test ascertains that every part of the plan is working as required and in the event of a disaster, the process can be followed.

The second kind of test that can be performed for disaster recovery plan is checklist testing. A disaster recovery process contains different supplies. The aim of the test is to determine if sufficient supplies have been stored for the purpose of an emergency (Maiwald, & Sieglein, 2002). The test confirms the telephone numbers for the case of an emergency are working and the presence of the disaster recovery manuals (Bryson et al., 2002). The test ensures that the organization has prepared itself adequately by complying with the requirements of the disaster recovery plan. The two types of testing are done initially to determine any modifications that need to be done to the plan.


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