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Subject: Disaster Recovery

Question 1: Discuss some recovery site options

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Question 2:

2.1. Your Organization has approximately 10TB of data, and you need to decide if your organization should have on-site or offsite tape storage.

2.2. Your organization must be able to easily recover data no older than one month, as an operational requirement.

2.3. Your organization’s further requirement is that recovery operations must resume at minimal levels for all systems within two weeks of a total catastrophe at the data center.

2.4. Decide how your organization should house its backups.


Minimum 500 words (Use all those about questions to prepare {2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4)

3 APA citations

3 APA references

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Discussion: need one reply for the discussion.

Disaster recovery (DR) terminology can complicate- terms likes cold sites, warm sites and hot sites are very common recovery. Every single sites provides reliable disaster recovery, but which suits best for the organization needs. DR essentials and site types will typically depends on the recovery time objectives (DRO), level of sites complexity, data compassion and security necessity.

Hot DR sites: Hot sites can be differentiated in many ways like real time hosted hot sites, hosted hot site, and shared hot site. We choose which type of hot sites can be used based on the real time objectives (RTO). If the objectives of the company is a few hours then the security and complexity requirements are minimum, then shared hot sites can be used in this situations. The main difference among shared hot site and hosted hot site is use of equipment like servers and peripherals.

Shared Hot DR sites: shared hot sites are less cost than hosted sites because tools in the DR facility is shared by group of members. Using shared equipment is less flexible because customers are limited by equipment the disaster recovery service provider offers. This limitations may result in loss of data in some functionalities and might affect the business.

Hosted Hot DR Sites: these sites are very high in expensive than the shared hot sites because they replicate the environment from equipment, storage, network infrastructure, and security. DR facility has original copy of your environment and once all the information is synchronized, operations can be done continually.

Real-Time Hosted DR sites: it is similar as hosted hot sites, except is replicated in real time from primary center. This sites provide best case scenario in data loss, it can provide recovery without any loss of data.

Warm DR Sites: In difference hot sited, warm sites are depends on the backups. And these backups were limited to data storage tapes. Warm sites real time aims are measured in days. If tape is the chosen recovery mechanism, the DR facility should be delivered present high compatible tape library/drive and software to ensure recovery. Disk type backups have narrowed the gap among warm sites and hot sites, and all DR services providers now offer an electronic vaulting options, which is essential disk based recovery of production over networks.

Cold DR sites: Cold DR sites are hired space with power, cooling and connectivity that’s ready to accept equipment. It’s client responsibility to deliver equipment for the cold site during a disaster. Recovery plan will rely on cold sites must be define procuring and delivering equipment to the cold site when a disaster happens. Another risk aspect is application and operating system software. In difficult situations the software or its versions used in primary sites may not be available in recovery sites. Updated versions may be get compatibility issues with current application that must be removed before installing newer application.

Cold DR sites are not negative. These are often used to balance hot sites and warm sites. A cold sites can serve a contingency to migrate physical equipment from hot site or warm site to cold site if disaster happens for a while. If used as the primary site, businesses with special safety and compliance necessities may require an assessment of the new situation to ensure compliance.


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