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Week 4 Symposium: Artificial Intelligence and Virtue Ethics

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Please read the description above and/or watch the video explaining the symposium and its requirements. If you are still unsure about how to proceed with the discussion, please contact your instructor.

This week, we will discuss artificial intelligence in the context of virtue ethics. Examing AI is an ethical dilemma that affects our growth and development and challenges our views of what it means to be human. After reviewing the course materials for this week on virtue ethics and considering the resources for this discussion and questions, we will think about the ethical implications of artificial intelligence. Technology and AI are created to make our lives easier. The following resources provide an overview of the discussion of an AI device oddly called Aristotle that monitors and interacts with one’s child, but which was discontinued over various concerns. Some were privacy concerns (utilitarianism, deontology) others had to do with the role that technology is playing in childhood development, and whether that’s conducive to flourishing children and parents (virtue ethics).

After viewing the resources for this discussion and this week, write your initial post answering the following questions

  1. What are the ethical implications of artificial intelligence according to virtue ethics?
  2. what does artificial intelligence tell us about what it means to be human?
  3. If machines could be programmed to understand emotions, what would that say about human development?
  4. Can AI be a virtue? Why or why not?

Your posts should remain focused on the ethical considerations, and at some point in your contribution, you must specifically address the way someone with a virtue ethic view would approach your issue by explaining, evaluating, and defending that approach.

Make sure to support your ideas with citations and references. In addition to the course materials, make sure to include at least 1 more academic, scholarly source.


You must post on at least two separate days, must include at least 2 substantial replies to peers, and your posts should add up to at least 400 words.


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