discussion 4 39

Prior to beginning work on this discussion read Chapter 7 and Chapter 8 in Radvanovsky (2013) and Chapter 6 in Sylves (2015). Using the Ashford University Library, locate a scholarly journal article on critical infrastructure protection (CIP). You are encouraged to locate a CIP article on the sector chosen for your Risk Assessment in Week Six for additional research. It is not acceptable to use the journal articles included in your Week Two Annotated Bibliography. In your post include:

  • Summarize the journal article.
  • Examine the recommendations of the author.
  • Determine the effects of the author’s recommendations on CIP.
  • Assess the journal article for concepts of risk assessment and risk analysis.
  • Determine the effects the author’s recommendations have on the impacts of actual and suspected threats.
  • Include the APA formatted reference citation of the article as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.


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