Discussion: a lyrical expression of women, family, and community


1) Respond to Week 3’s Discussion Board. The instructions are as follows:
To prepare for this Discussion:
· Consider how music has influenced and/or been influenced by social change.
· Search your personal music library, the Internet, or another resource for a song (including this week’s Optional Resources) that meets the following criteria:
o The song was written by a woman.
o The song reflects a social change theme that directly or indirectly relates to women’s family and community experience.
o The song includes two literary techniques listed in the “Glossary of Terms and Techniques for Literature and Creative Writing” document.
o The song may be from any time period or country, but lyrics have an English translation available. 
With these thoughts in mind:

By Day 2

Post  an active link to the lyrics of the song you selected. Include the song title and name of the songwriter with your posting. Use proper APA citation rules.

By Day 4

Respond  to at least one of your colleague’s postings in the following way:


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