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 Reflect on the assigned readings for Week 4 and then type a two page paper regarding what you thought was the most important concept(s), method(s), term(s), and/or any other thing that you felt was worthy of your understanding.  Define and describe what you thought was worthy of your understanding in half a page, and then explain why you felt it was important, how you will use it, and/or how important it is in project management. After submitting your two page paper as an initial post in the “Reflection and Discussion Forum,” then type at least two peer replies in response to your classmates posts (200 word minimum each). 


1) response for Mithil


In this chapter we learn mainly about leadership in an organization and how project manager plays a leadership role in shaping a project. Leadership not just means to lead a group of individuals but also means supporting a bunch of individuals to achieve a goal. A project manager leads a project by working with application leads on acquiring resources for the project. Project manager is also responsible for building team and motivating them to achieve the target. A project manager is seen as a leader because he/she fights for the team and is supposed to have a vision for a project (Pinto, 2019). A project manager is frequently depicted as having a dream of where to go and the capacity to verbalize it. Visionaries flourish with change and having the option to draw new limits. It was once said that a pioneer is somebody who “lifts us up, gives us an explanation behind being and gives the vision and soul to change.” Visionary pioneers empower individuals to feel they have a genuine stake in the venture. They enable individuals to encounter the vision all alone. They offer individuals chances to make their own vision, to investigate what the vision will intend to their employments and lives, and to imagine their future as a feature of the vision for the association (Pinto, 2019). The extraordinary thing about the initiative is that it’s a remedy to carelessness. You can’t just adhere to a lot of rules and become a pioneer. You should respond at the time and inside setting, utilizing those guidelines however not managed by them. It makes venture authority a simple term to depict yet a long-lasting objective to accomplish.

A pioneer needs to have the correct devices nearby to best accomplish their venture objectives. A communitarian, online suite of programming arrangements made explicitly for the venture chief, ProjectManager.com possesses all the necessary qualities (Pinto, 2019). With constant perspectives on booking, observing, and detailing, the undertaking is consistently inside sight and effectively coordinated. Common characteristics of an effective leader in an organization would be credibility, exceptional problem-solving skills, good amount of tolerance for ambiguity, flexible management style and effective communication skills. Although it is very important to know that the project manager does not violates human rights and is fair and reasonable. A project manager must maximize the overall value of a project for the business stakeholders and should exhibit a good personal conduct. It is also important to recognize unethical behaviors and must be reported an early stage. During the planning phase of the project, the project leader should lead the team and the stakeholders through an adjusted project to comprehend the project needs. This phase should be focused in order to increase total attention to the prerequisites (Pinto, 2019). Also, the project leader has a vital task to carry out in change the board. A decent pioneer ought to have the option to envision the change and address it successfully. The project manager ought to have the option to control and direct the colleagues on the strategies to adapt to change and use change to further one’s potential benefit.

Reference: Pinto, J.K. (2019). Project Management: Achieving Competitive Advantage (5th ed). Boston: Pearson.

2) response for Manisha


Execution  project is the third level phase of the project management lifecycle.It is used to the where the longest period is required.The during execution  phase developer develops the product and services to the environment and present the final level of the product at the customer demand. Leadership is the main important to motivation of the people act towards are the reaching the organization goals.The great leaders are balancing the all activities proper plan performance and foresight character.The focus on the ability of the strategically.The main difference between leaders and manager leaders are follow the people while managers who work for them any organization owner contact with meeting in the managers and leaders qualities are high based upon the performance and quality of the products who are maintained work in proper way and also prepare the reports keep the re-powers in the safety.Sometimes having the any problem in the regarding the work and budget to reopen in the reports refer the reports solve them.If we have any organization should be needed leaders particular development those persons are who is work in application have any queries based upon your queries solve the easy(Berrie & Michele, 2009).

At the time working do the someone don’t do the work his person proper way to the taking the action who are not work at the time of working and suggestion to the employees.We have any new thoughts are created in your mind this type of creation first tell to mangers and after  completion is conducted the meeting having more profits are come this plan is implemented on the organization leaders have long term goals and focus on the people.The managers are thinking in the way of correct in the outside how many members are having the buy the product and taking the report verified in the way this is the way is correct are not after checking  product profits are coming are not.If we are not coming the profits what type of reason  to overcome the reasons and implemented in the another way this time profits are coming this implemented by the another type of leaders ,managers those who have experience in the market quality of product of product and packing is the looking most attractive in the customers and also suitable for the reasonable cost.Project managers are having function as mini-CEOs and manage both hard  means having the problem in the any type machines and related to the all hardware equipments and technical details and soft people issues.

The managers are follow the workers who is the work and communication is the very important role in the ant type of organization.Managers are have collecting the full information about the any type of product based upon the product and motivated in the who are work in the organization related peoples are giving the work and assign the projects first how is implemented in project suggestions are given to us.Some organizations are having the improper managers that type of management is the not encourage is the management to the members in the organization that’s why lack of top management support.Not given the funds in the proper plan managers are not understood the another managers that’s why miss understanding is happen in the between the managers. 

Organizations are providing  the project and adding to the employee revise and update to knowledge base.Assist in the team members in understanding the project in the role and contribute the whole of the project is success.To take the help stakeholders  to increase the commitment in the project and also provide the visibility for the managers in the role.It is critical for the project manager to maintain in the critical way contact will be all the stakeholders.Projects work performance is depend on the behaviour of the group.Emotional intelligence  refers to leaders ability to understand that effective leadership between emotional and relational.The project leaders solving the problem and analysing thinking  and creation is the very crucial role the project identify the encourage and their emergence risk takers we never remember the emotional connection at the time completed the project who will completed that groups are appreciation in the entire of the management team.If we do the any type of the project follow the some certain  standard organization rules(Russell & PMP, 2011). 


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