discussion board 520

My Favorite Walks

Share and explain to the class some of your favorite types of walking exercises (at least one). Some walking examples might be cross country or backpack hiking (with or without walking poles), beach walking, treadmill incline or hill walking, interval (fast, slow) walking, group or partner walks, mall walking, vacation site seeing walks, dog walking, race walking, added weight walks, step counting or GPS walks etc. Be creative and try out something new in walking exercises (do an online search for some ideas). The criteria for full credit is as follows:
1. You have already experienced and enjoyed that form of exercise walking
2. You will give general instruction on how others can participate
3. You will explain the differences and benefits of the exercise compared to your normal everyday walking to get through daily tasks.
P.S. File attachments (pictures, movie clips, you tube etc.) are also welcome.


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