discussion board module 4

My class is Accounting for Healthcare.

  1. (The Role of the Outside Auditor- Chapter 9) The outside reading entitled, “ Sarbanes-Oxley: Impetus for Enterprise Risk Management by Edward Giniat, and Joseph Saporito, suggest that making SOX compliance a part of a larger enterprise risk management program can help not-for-profits to streamline and coordinate their approach to all risk-be it financial, operational, or strategic. Briefly comment on how this action, if adopted, may impact the auditors internal control letter (management letter) given to the healthcare organizations top management.
  2. (The Role of the Outside Auditor – Chapter 9) Briefly discuss the role of the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board as it applies to not-for-profit organizations and their independent auditors.

Please, You have to read chapter 9 well then answer then 2 Questions.


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