discussion for franchising and licensing class

Hello, my class name is Franchising and Licensing, it is a hospitality class.

I just have a discussion that need you to help me.

Discussion Board: Intellectual Property

For most Franchisors, Intellectual Property is the most important asset they possess. Using all available resources, list 5 specific steps a Franchisor can take to legally protect their Intellectual Property in the United States.

Post your initial response before 11:59PM on Thursday and respond to the posts of at least two colleagues before 11:59PM on Sunday. Include credible sources to support your initial post and your replies to others. Remember you will not be able to view other posts until you have submitted your initial post.

I just need 1-2 pages and please give it to me on time. Thank you~

I posted one picture that is my professor’s answer, please write down a short reply for me. Thank you~


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