discussion question 782

1. Do you think fascism is purely a construct of the 20th century or does it have the potential to resurface in the 21st century? Why, or why not?

Textbook: Parsons, C. (2017). Introduction to political science: How to think for yourself about politics. Boston, MA: Pearson.


Please give a response to the below classmate response:

I do not think fascism is purely a construct of the twentieth century. It definitely has the power to resurface in the 21st century. If one defines fascism as nationalism, power, and authority it may all ready be resurfacing in our country today. Perhaps it is resurfacing in the Neo-Nazi groups that have come to the forefront these days. Or, maybe in our current President as he seems to think he is the all encompassing power and authority. The world we live in today is full of chaos. Everyday there is some news that is disturbing. Maybe fascism in some form has always been present in our society, maybe it was just keeping a low profile waiting for a chance to bring it into the open.


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