discussion question 786

Discussion Question: Give an example of when you encountered one of these penguins and give some details. You can leave names out. However, we all have experienced one if not all of these in our lives. (Alice, No No, Fred, Louis, The Professor, Buddy, The Scouts, and Sally Ann).

Here is mine: I have experienced all of these characters at work and may have even been some on my own, The No No’s stand out in my work place more than any other. If we have a new project, plan, or situation, it seems like the No No’s come out and already tell us why we are going to fail or why it will not work.

Instead of charging the hill and try to climb it, it is more about we cannot do this (The No No’s). Get a plan and charge the hill. If we fall, regroup and try again. Impossible is just a reason not to try. I am sure many people said it was “Impossible” to go to the Moon, Had we not tried, we never would have got there.

make sure few sentence


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