discussion questions 340

Read textbook Fiero, G. K. (2007). Landmarks in humanities (4th ed). New York: NY McGraw-Hill. ISBN: 9781259544927 “chapter 1 Origins: The First Civilizations”

  1. Review the following story. “A man went on a walk one day along the edge of a cliff as he often did. This day, however, a strong wind came and blew him over the edge. Before falling to his death, he managed to grab a shrub. There he dangled, too weak to climb back up, his fate certain. Then he spied a beautiful flower nearby. It was like nothing he had ever seen before. The image of this flower seized him: its brilliant blossom, its shape and size, its scent, its intricate design. For the few moments he had left, he caught a vision of absolute beauty. His grasp weakened, and he fell to his death.” (Asian Folktale.) Answering the following questions:
    • How does this story relate to the study of the humanities?
    • Is this story a parable of life generally? If so, what is its lesson?
  1. Humanities TraditionsThe introduction to this unit identifies several disciplines traditionally included among the humanities. Answer the following:Here, at the outset of our studies together, which of the humanities is most interesting for you? That is, which of these modes of expression seem to you most likely to provide us with insight into the most significant aspects of human experience?


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