discussion resources and effective strategies 1

First, review the many resources you have accessed in this course, as well as financial management and the resources available at the CFA Institute. Choose one article that relates to the course content and the research you have conducted on your final project. Post the article to the discussion topic, and in your initial post, and address the following:

  • What is the issue being addressed by the article? Briefly describe it.
  • Why did you choose this article, and why do you feel it is important?
  • How does this article relate to the research you have conducted on the two firms for your final project?
  • What strategies for effective short-term management does the article discuss?

By the way, the course is called short-term financial management and I also uploaded my final project as your references. The final two company I chose are Ford Motor and General Motor.

Do not make plagiarism and I will check it by the turntin. The word should be in 3 pages in APA style.


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