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Based on the annotated biography you completed for your Mid-Term Paper on implementing Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), write a research paper on how ERM is leveraged to minimize risk and create opportunities in your chosen industry. Be sure to provide specific examples. 

Here are the research paper requirements:

• Submit the assignment as a Microsoft Word document (.doc or .docx). Your paper must be in APA format; for additional information on APA format, visit:

• This assignment must be YOUR OWN WORK!  If plagiarism is detected in your work, you will receive a grade of zero for the entire paper. 

• At least two (2) peer-reviewed articles or papers 

• Between 500 and 1000 words in length (excluding title page and reference list)

• Please use the attached rubric for the paper.


Attached Rubric format

Midterm submitted paper

Text book


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