essay russia political science

Hey, I want a three pages essay on Russia. I will be providing a power point that has the information that should be included in the essay. I will also provide the requirements for the essay.

Here are the Questions

The first case study has been Russia. First, how has the concept of nationalism been applied to Russia and specifically Russian foreign policy (how has nationalism influenced Russian foreign policy)? Second, Russia has historically been an imperial power. Why has imperialism been so important to Russia and what are the major driving forces or reasons Russia has focused on imperialism? Third, Revolution has been a central concept in Russian history, from the 1905 revolution to the 1917 Revolution and the Communist Revolution to the fall of the Soviet Union in 1989-1991. Explain briefly some of the driving forces behind the revolutions, drawing on lecture, powerpoints and videos provided in the powerpoints (ie what were some of the causes, I know you are not an expert, but what do you feel were major reasons for revolution).

I will provide the power point once the question get accept because it requries a log in and I can not post my information on here.


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