• final essay assignment guidelines you are to write a literary


  • Final      Essay Assignment Guidelines

You are to write a literary analysis on a selection(s) of literature from the textbook anthology.

Whether you are dealing with fiction, poetry, or nonfiction literature, use the present tense (also called the literary present tense) to discuss the actions and thoughts presented in the text. Do this because literature exists as a present phenomenon regardless of whether or not its author is alive.

Length:                                    –   1200 -1500 words

Sources Required:                   –    Primary source(s) in textbook (selection of literature to analyze)

–   FIVE secondary sources, minimum (use only literary criticisms or author bios from GALILEO databases or scholarly books; NO “wiki”, or shmoop,  enotes, or sparknotes, etc., allowed)                                           

Quotations Required:              –     5-7 quotations from the primary source(s)

–   At LEAST ONE quotation PER each secondary source used; you must use THREE secondary sources, minimum, from the five listed on your annotated bibliography – TOTAL quotations = 8-12 (minimum)

– Total quoted material should not exceed 30-35% of your paper, so be selective in what you quote and do not insert “chunks” of quotations.

Format:  MLA formatting

Due Dates: See the course calendar for due dates.

Required to turn in: The following assignments are required to be submitted on due date as shown on the assignment calendar:

Research topic proposal (a brief description of your research topic and possible thesis.)

Thesis and Annotated Bibliography

Formal sentence outline

complete rough draft with quotations and Works Cited


this is my thesis statements . sometime individual judgment is much more important than family loyalty , for some reasons.

you don’t have to do outline my primary source is Barn Burning of William Faulkn


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