final reflection 6

Part of the team assignment in this course was to give you an idea for some of the dynamics that emerge not only in team work generally, but in what the experience is like specifically in online environments. Some of this process was left intentionally open-ended in order to let you experience some of the frustrations that students often face in team assignments. Then again, your experience may have been very positive and constructive not only from the work that your team produced, but from the process itself that was used for this team assignment. Regardless of your experience, take some time to reflect upon it and what you have learned about yourself as not only an online instructor, but what it is like to be an online student and how you can offer the most positive and rigorous learning experience for online students looking forward.

Here are a few questions for you to think about and respond to in 150-300 words.

  • What are the pedagogical benefits of working in teams online and how should those benefits be communicated to your students?
  • What was your experience like in on online team? What were some of your frustrations, rewards, or positive outcomes?
  • How will you approach managing student team assignments in your teaching? How will you facilitate the most effective learning experience possible for your students?


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