final research paper 20

  • Write a research paper of approximately 1,000-1,500 words on the topic you chose in Week Two (excluding title page, references, and bibliography).
    • Focus the research paper on course topics or an adaptation of one or more of the Course Learning Outcomes.
    • Focus on current political and economic fundamentals
    • Do not focus primarily on the history of the issue/topic
  • Include a minimum of three scholarly references (more if possible). When in doubt regarding scholarly sources, just ask your instructor.
  • Scholarly sources may include:
    • Academic journals and books
    • Your assigned textbook
    • Textbooks and other academic books from other courses
    • Interviews of scholarly experts
    • Three nonexpert interviews, which will be equivalent of one “scholarly” reference (include transcripts and time of interviews)
    • Legitimate online sources, such as the U.S. Census or other official documents
  • Note: Scholarly sources do not include:
    • “Joe Bob’s” website and so on
    • Blogs
    • Commercial appeal sites
    • Nonacademic books


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