G-biosport dilemma worksheet – 5 of 5

G-BioSport Dilemma Worksheet – 5 of 5

The Problem: The Case of the Brightest and the Best

From the increased communication and reports, the Board of Directors has indicated that new hires have to be one of the company’s top priorities, despite the fact that the financial situation remains unstable. In the current job market, finding new hires at the salaries the Gnomengen Group can afford is very difficult. Faced with increased pressure for more manpower from all levels, you have decided to examine current hiring practices and policies.

One proposed solution to the hiring situation is to advertise your positions at salaries above what you know you can pay. When applicants are interviewed, they are told that their skills do not match “the optimal skill set we were assuming in advertising that salary.” Thus, if they want the job, they are forced to take the lower salary that you intended to pay from the beginning, with the promise that if their skill set increases, they may be able to work up to the pay scale that you had advertised. The expectation is that by drawing on a larger applicant pool, the number of hires should increase, and because of stock options employee retention is expected to stay high.

Please complete each section of this worksheet. Some people find that writing the answers out on another page and then “cutting and pasting” them into the worksheet lets you think through the problem better. 

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Return to Awareness

  1. Reflection for Networking

    Write a reflection which discusses whether or not the ethical analysis made sense. In this reflection, also indicate how you have corrected for personal bias, attended to the common good, and acted with courage.


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