hcs 455 discussion

1. On July 30, 1965, the years of struggle finally paid off. President Johnson signed into law Title XVIII of the Social Security Act establishing Medicare and its companion program, Medicaid, which insures indigent Americans.The POSTWAR YEARS several programs designed to serve the nation’ neediest children followed: Medicaid (Title XIX of the SSA), including the comprehensive Medicaid preventive child health program known as Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment, which is intended to serve needy children 21 years old; the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children; and, most recently, the State Children’s Health Insurance Program. The histories of each program, their achievements, and the ongoing challenges they face have been well chronicled.

Successes and Missed Opportunities in Protecting Our Children’s Health: Critical Junctures in the History of Children’s Health Policy in the United States Howard Markel, MD, PhD*, and Janet Golden, PhD

What other major policies have significantly changed and enhanced health access and delivery since the 1950? 150-200 Words

2. Health goes beyond the ‘absence of disease’ (What is health and wellness? 2013), it deals with the quality of life. With the aging population this quality of life is a big subject. A patient’s ability to be independent and mobile are some of the determinants of health. When a person has previous medical conditions, it can be very difficult for that patient to receive insurance. This topic is the focus of the Affordable Care Act. Insurance companies will not be able to turn down patients because of previous conditions. Another good focus of the Affordable Care Act is the switch from curative medicine to preventive medicine. The United States may have some of the wealthiest citizens, but we also have some of the sickest citizens.

What is health and wellness? (2013). Retrieved from http:www.sharecare.com

How do you define health? What are the determinants of health? 150-200 words


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