health issue writing long paper 15pages basic one for research paper topic depression and anxiety

writing about the health issue:

depression and anxiety(I already write my own idea about this long paper)

needs at least 15 resources!

not really easy work!

I. Introduction (about 2 pages)

1. Health Issue (1 page)

Brief overview: What is the health problem, why does it matter, group(s) most affected, throw in a key statistic or two about prevalence, mortality, and trends to highlight issue importance

2. Paper preview (about .5-1 page)

Why campaign is needed, target audience(s), short- and long-term potential benefits that could result from campaign, what readers should expect from remainder of paper

II. Literature Review (about 6-8 pages)

1. Health Issue (3-4 pages):

Statistics: Prevalence, incidence, who is most at risk (demographics, psychographics, behavioral factors), trends in health issue

Short- and long-term consequences: Physical, social, psychological

Risk Factors: Consider intrapersonal, interpersonal, and societal influences; knowledge/skills, if it co-occurs with other behaviors

Protective behaviors: Knowledge/skills; attitudes; motivations

How much attention has issue received from past/current health campaigns, the media, etc?

2. Target audience (1.5-2 pages)

Why this group, primary and secondary audiences, how/why they are affected, any information on preferred communication channels, receptiveness to change, trends over time

3. Theory (1.5-2 pages)

Key assumptions of the theory

Key constructs (cite research) AND use examples related to your health issue (use own words)

Explain how theory could/does guide campaign, can include visual model, whether theory has been applied to guide campaigns about issue

4. Introduce rest of paper (1 page) (see my note below)

Proposal: Preview second half of paper; conclude with measurable, time-boundcampaign objectives.


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