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Draft Workshop 1 (Draft Credit)

Claim with Reasons

Spend this class reviewing your classmates’ papers.You should read the paper carefully, marking things as you go, and then you should answer the questions listed below, only after you have read and understand the entire paper.Make sure to write in complete sentences so that the author understands your comments.

1. What are this paper’s strengths?Be specific.List at least 3 things that this author does well.

2. What are the weaknesses?What could use some work? List at least 3 areas for improvement and explain.

3. What is the argument of the paper and this author’s claim?List the reasons that the author focuses on to support the claim.

4. Do these reasons logically support the claim?Are you convinced by the reasons provided for this argument?If not, what is needed to sway you in the argument?

5.Where is evidence needed for support?Mark areas in the paper where you feel statements need to be supported by solid factual evidence or support.

6.Has the author provided the opposition’s viewpoint and a rebuttal to that viewpoint anywhere in the paper? If so, is it a valid rebuttal?If not, what should be said about the opposing viewpoint?Where do you feel it would fit best?

7.How would you evaluate the organization, clarity and structure of the paper?Does everything seem to fit together smoothly or are there places of awkwardness or confusion?Has the author used transitional phrases and words effectively?


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