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 a specific entry from Wikipedia and check for changes that have occurred over a period of six months, and then you will compare the information from the Wikipedia entry with the information from the Encyclopedia Britannica Academic (BA), an established reference source. 

The writing is about HAGIA SOPHIE

  1. Consider such questions as these to help you organize 
    • Is the specific information contained in both the Wikipedia and BA entries the same or different? How different?
    • How much have the Wikipedia and BA entries changed (or not changed) over a period of at least six months?
    • Do we have any idea of the credentials/authority of the authors who created the Wikipedia and BA entries?
    • Do the entries footnote sources of reference information and provide suggested reading and websites? From your writing in the course, you already note that cited evidence is extremely important!
    • Your overall conclusion should then assess how does the Wikipedia information compare with the information in BA? Which encyclopedia do you find most useful for the term that you have selected.


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