homework economics 5

– Position paper:

Question :

As economists, we espouse the benefits of free and open markets. Yet legal barriers to entry — such as regulated utility monopolies and patent protection — both still exist and garner support. Discuss the pros and cons of such barriers.


1- First, you should explain the question and your understanding of the question.

2- Second, what do feel and think about this question.

3-Third, you should agree or disagree, and add your opinion and the evidence and discussed. This position paper based on your opinion to the end.

4- You should use these 2 articles + chapter 9+10 and you can add more academic articles if you want but you have to make sure to use these 2 articles + chapter 9 +10 .


  • The Economist. “Perpetual Motion.” The Economist, September 2, 2004.
  • The Economist. “The Electric-fuel-trade Acid Test.” The Economist, September 2, 2009.

5-You should cover all the question.

6-Academic writing(professional).

7-Be careful with plagiarism and cheating from other paper or internet .


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