Homework team assignment | Information Systems homework help

In your learning team, role-play the following fictional scenario using the information in your Role Information document to ensure your group’s needs are met with the ultimate decision on the scope, budget, and timeline.

The C-suite at Intuit, Inc. wants to convert their system to a cloud-based system in a 12-month project with a budget of $1,000,000. As either an IT team member or a c-suite level manager, you have been appointed to the Cloud-Based Applications Project Team. Conduct a project stakeholder meeting to determine the project scope, budget, and timeline for converting the company’s system to a cloud-based system. Include at least 4 milestones in your timeline. One person from the IT group should facilitate the conversation.

Complete the Project Plan Template and the Cost-Benefit Analysis spreadsheet.

The cost-benefit analysis spreadsheet contains two tabs. The first tab allows you to input budget in each category. The second tab will automatically transfer numbers from the first tab and calculate summary, accumulated cost, and accumulated benefit; and plot a graph. The intersect point between the accumulated cost and accumulated benefit will give you a break-even period of the project.

Submit the team assignment.