hotel vertu analyzing the opportunity in the boutique hotel industry

We are using this case primarily in order to conduct an environmental/competitive analysis of the Boutique Hotel Industry, particularly in the Savannah Georgia market. The reading from last week from Essentials of Strategic Management Ch. 3 will help you respond to this case. We will also briefly consider the opportunity from the perspective of the two MBA students.

Answer the following questions based on the attached form:

Answer each in a separate paragraph in 750 words.

  1. Conduct a Porter’s 5 Forces analysis. How strong are the Industry’s Competitive Forces?
  2. Assess the Impact of the Industry Driving Forces. Is the opportunity for Boutique Hotels, particularly within the Savannah market, growing or shrinking? Why?
  3. How are Industry Rivals Positioned? Conduct an Industry Structure analysis of the Savannah hotel industry. What industry groups are there? Who are Hotel Vertu’s direct competitors?
  4. What are the Industry Key Success Factors? What is the general value creation theory/premise of the boutique hotel industry?


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