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Human resource

Part 1-Discuss the advantages and disadvantages to outsourcing the Human Resource function. In your opinion which option do you think is best and why?500 words, one peer reviewed reference, apa style. Link : minute 12…

Part 2Read and Complete Case Study #1 – Strategy & HRM at Delta Airlines
The central components of your analysis should include issue identification, issue analysis, solutions, and potential limitations to your solutions. The case analyses serve to:
a) Provide an opportunity to apply the class concepts in the solution of practical problems.
b) Provide you with a common task through which you can learn to be more effective thinkers and problem-solves in your organizations.
The written case analysis will be evaluated based on your effectiveness in identifying and analyzing issues in the case, the adequacy of and support for the recommendations made, and the identification of potential downsides to your solutions. Part 2 should be 500 words with one peer reviewed reference apa style.


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