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Take a look at the attachment. This gives you a visual of Marge’s retail store’s current IT infrastructure. Marge is looking to enhance her online sales but before she does she has called you to conduct a thorough threat assessment and recommend threat mitigations and controls prior to moving forward with the new project she is callingUsing the Internet to Increase Sales.

Write a 3 to 5 page paper with proper APA formatting using the threat modeling techniques we have gone over thus far to uncover any threats that jump out from the attachment. Use critical thinking, look for information flows, exposures, vulnerabilities, and so on. Once you have identified threats suggest mitigations that would reduce the risk of those threats. Also, note that Marge is using a public IP space of for the entire network infrastructure i.e. one Local Area Network.

You should at a minimum uncover 5 potential threats within this architecture.


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