i need help with my math board questions


This is what my classmate wrote and I have to comment on it

1) There are 153.94 sq inches in a 14″ pizza (area = pi x radius sq, 3.14 x 7 sq)

2) There are 627,264,000 sq inches in an acre (43,560sq ft x 144sq inch x 100 acres)

3) 100 acres of pizza consumed by Americans per day divided by the sq inches of a 14″ pizza,

627,264,000 sq inch /153.94sq inch = 4,074,730.41 pizza’s eaten by Americans per day

4) Pizza’s eaten by Americans per day times 8 slices per pizza, 4,074,730.41 x 8 = 32,597,843.28 slices

slices divided by seconds in a day 32,597,843.28 / 86,400 (60 seconds x 60 minutes x 24 hours = 86,400)


So it is estimated that Americans eat 377 slices of pizza per second.

Another real world situations that would use similar calculations would be in Construction, more specifically architecturally, planning and estimating.

UNIT V board question

  • A computer interface for a Kawai digital studio piano has eight microswitches that can be set in either the “on” or “off” position. These switches must be set properly for the interface to work. In how many different ways can this group of switches be set?
  • If it takes two minutes to set the switches and test to see if the interface is working properly, what is the longest possible time that it would take to find the proper settings by trial and error?
  • What are some other real-world examples that you can develop that are similar to the ones above?


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