I need the implementation of a paper done in which you need to


I need the implementation of a paper done in which you need to encrypt a picture using AES with using key from some other system. I can share full details if someone is interested in doing that. It is an assignment and needs to be done in a week.This assignment is related to Encryption and python.

I am given with an assignment to implement a paper. Here is the link of the research paper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QYt4CB-wAOgHpU3SKYrT-NOfXS4zSUeL/view?usp=sharing There are certain things that needs to be changed. Key used must be different than used in this paper. Key must be from some other system like any other encryption algorithm. Encrypted and decrypted image must display as in paper. Source code must be well formatted and commented. Must be written in python. Can use libraries of python. I can provide more information or the code that i did. 

If someone can do. Deadline can be extended if i know that you can do. Can get another one week if find someone who can do it. 

Please read the document before bidding. Bid if you can do it.

Submit an answer so that I get the idea that you can do it. 


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