illustration contrast using infographic in venngage needed by the october 5 2018 references apa

Purpose of this assignment is to Inform. (Using Infographic) (APA)

1: Identify Topic to Compare/Contrast ====> General Claim

2: Identify/Evaluate Source Material ====> 4 Scholarly Sources

3: Summarize Paraphrase Source Material

4: Think about the Rhetorical Situation, Subject, Purpose, Audience, Strategy

Design: Info-Graphic =====> Layout Graphics

Color: White Space =====> Vertical/Horizontal/Font Size


Last ( 3 ); Paragraphs ===> Discuss Rationale, Why did we chose color.

Reference List (APA).

Topic: Two Approaches to Parenting

Subtopics: Parenting Styles: Parenting Methods ( TITLE SLIDE)

Styles of Parenting: Four Parenting Styles, and their influences.

Authorative Parenting

Permissive Parenting

Neglectful Parenting


Differences In Parenting Approach:

Parenting for relationship

Behavioral Parenting

Outcomes of Parenting Approach

4 Scholarly Articles Related to topic

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