influence of quot tax cuts and jobs acts of 2017 quot research

Topic: Influence of “Tax Cuts and Jobs Acts of 2017” for Individuals


To sum up the assignment prompt, you are asked to take an artifact from your professional discourse community/inquiry topic and analyze what you observe about it. For instance, what do you learn about the larger values/goals of the field or organization by virtue of looking at this source? Is the source’s use of language, tone, style, etc. appropriate for meeting the needs of its audience? Is the document or Web site designed in an effective way? These are just some examples of the observations you could make. The key is to take those observations of your source and do more than summarize them but instead, make an argument about them. What do they reveal about your discourse community?

As you think about Unit 1, keep these core thoughts on targeting audience in mind:

  • Try to avoid technical jargon unless totally necessary
  • Think about what you can assume your audience (me) will know/understand
  • Strive for brevity without sacrificing accuracy
  • Use an appropriate tone—formal enough for an academic assignment, not as formal as a research paper

You should cite from your artifact, as bringing in evidence of what you claim adds necessary credibility.

Please remember there are sample Unit 1 rough drafts posted on the Unit 1 Assignment Prompt. They are rough drafts, and you will see some strong elements in each, and some choices that you might make differently, especially in terms of the amount of summary and overview versus analysis and text evidence. I encourage you to use sources relevant to your inquiry question for Unit 1, and hopefully some of the searches and work you’ve done have yielded some credible, reliable sources in your field you can use. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions about your source.

**Lastly, note you are expected to include a brief reflective note with the draft and the final—see the Unit 1 prompt for specific instructions, but you should consider how this piece may or may not fit into a professional portfolio of your work. This note does not factor into the word count for this assignment, nor will it be graded. I simply want you to start thinking about the idea of a professional portfolio early on, so by the end of the term you aren’t starting from scratch.

Word count: I am most interested in quality, not quantity (within reason, of course). Your word count is 1500 words (a little over 4 pages), but a little under or over is fine with me. I’d rather have 1350 compelling words than 1500 words with a lot of fluff. Hint: do not turn in 1000 words, or 1800, either. Please double-space your essay, include citations for any in-text quotes and paraphrase from your source and possibly the textbook, and a reference page.


Please refer to the resources available on the Links tab on our course’s Blackboard site. Again, the choice of citation style is yours and depends on your field; I just ask that you remain consistent with it throughout the semester. The OWL (Online Writing Lab) at Purdue University has a fabulous online guide for APA, and I’ve included that in the resources under the Links tab on BB.


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