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Assignment Submission:
o Complete the Case Study on page
o Type your responses in a Word
document. Be sure to number your
responses properly.
o Show all your calculations where
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 CASE STUDY United States Congress
Congress is made up of the House of Represen-
tatives and the Senate. Members of the House
of Representatives serve two-year terms and
represent a district in a state. The number of
representatives for each state is determined by
population. States with larger populations have
more representatives than states with smaller
populations. The total number of representatives
is set by law at 435. Members of the Senate
serve six-year terms and represent a state. Each
state has 2 senators, for a total of 100 senators.
The tables show the makeup of the 115th Con-
gress by gender and political party as of January
3, 2017.  

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Yvanna Hildaiz

9:29 PM (3 minutes ago)to me1. Find the probability that a randomly se-
lected representative is female. Find the
probability that a randomly selected sena-
tor is female.
2. Compare the probabilities from Exercise
3. A representative is selected at random.
Find the probability of each event.
a. The representative is male.
b. The representative is a Republican.
c. The representative is male given
that the representative is a
d. The representative is female and a
4. Among members of the House of Repre-
sentatives, are the events “being female”
and “being a Democrat” independent or
dependent events? Explain.
5. A senator is selected at random. Find the
probability of each event.
a. The senator is male.
b. The senator is not a Democrat.
c. The senator is female or a
d. The senator is male or a Democrat.  


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