Interdisciplinary research on the subject aviation. note: same format

 Interdisciplinary research on the subject aviation.
NOTE: same format but writings needs to be more geared towards my field of study which is aviation this go around.

This week we’re going to delve further into interdisciplinary research. You’ll be finding your first sources and giving feedback on other students’ sources as you learn (or are reminded of) what makes a relevant, helpful, and scholarly source.

You’re also going to be creating another topic and research question, but this one will be focused on where your areas of study (or disciplines) converge. You’ll be spending this week and the next three weeks researching this topic, so make sure it will be relevant to your future. Some times students may even be able to put this research on their resumes or mention it in job interviews as they prepare themselves for their fields.

But at the heart of it all, we’re asking the question: “What is interdisciplinary research?”

Well, the short answer is that it’s a little more involved than regular research since you’ll be pulling from multiple disciplines rather than just one. You need to understand your topic from multiple perspectives, and that takes a little bit more research than usual. But for the big leaps that interdisciplinary research can make, it’s worth it.


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