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 Prepare the ″4.1. Conceptual Framework″ and ″4.2. Hypotheses″ (please see the task file) by considering the sections in the research proposal included in the 1st appendix. For references, you should choose from the journals in the 2nd attachment list. A. Please introduce your conceptual model (avoid repetition with the introduction!): briefly discuss (i) the dependent variable, (ii) the independent variable(s), and (iii) the moderators. In doing so, make sure you include a formal definition for each variable (based on a sound reference). (Hint: Do not first offer a long list of all definitions, one after the other. This is boring to read. Rather, integrate the definitions in the text that briefly describes your conceptual framework.) Include a schematic/visual representation that represents all variables that you intend to incorporate in your research. Try to organize the variables in logical overarching groups (if relevant). Underneath this conceptual model, label all variables in terms of dependent variable(s), independent variable(s), mediator(s), moderator(s), and/or control variables(s). Important: make sure the problem statement and conceptual model are consistent! Expacted result: The Conceptual model (CM) is correctly displayed. It is completely consistent with the Problem Statement (PS). The role of variables is accurately specified. and The variable definitions demarcate the variables properly. The definitions are based on high-quality literature. Please you have to select the references from the journals listed in the appendix. B. Please formulate and justify hypotheses, taking into account the Research Proposal content included in the 1 st appendix. 1-First, formulate a hypothesis for each relationship in your conceptual framework. 2-Second, provide a justification for these hypotheses. Your justification should be based on at least two academic references per hypothesis, combined with some logical reasoning from your side, followed by the formal hypothesis itself. Please select the references from the journals listed in the 2nd appendix. 3-Then, do the same for the next hypothesis. We expect you to justify two hypotheses: one main effect hypothesis and one moderator hypothesis. Expacted result: The phrasing of the hypotheses is correct. and The justification for the hypotheses is convincing and clear, through the combination of the extant literature with one’s own argumentation (synthesis takes place). 


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