leadership paper 18


Q 1) In our fast paced, complex environment, it is more important than ever for a leader to be an effective communicator. How would you describe an effective leader as communicator? What makes them effective? How do you know? (1 page)

Q 2) You are the new leader of the organization. You have been brought in by the Board of Directors to succeed the prior leader who did not achieve the expected results. From a leadership communication point of view, what actions will you take in your first 90 days? Why? Expected impact? (1 page)

Q 3) Select a leader. Assess them from a leadership communication perspective. What do they do well and what should they do better? If asked, what would you give them as advice? (1 page)

Q 4) Leaders in the broader environment (e.g. change, diversity, pacing, globalization, nomadic workforce). How do these impact the leader as communicator? What competencies are emerging as critical given the environment? (1 page)

Q 5) The importance of a leader to be able to make connections and form relationships with his/her staff through one on one interactions. Discuss why this is so important and some of the related opportunities and challenges

Answer any 4 . Each answer needs to be at least one page. Do some in depth research from (books, articles). APA citation.


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