Literacy | English homework help

1. Identify two books that your students will read. Make sure the books are grade level appropriate (8th Grade) and align with your content area(Computer Science/Tech Apps.) . See the rubric for specific requirements. You must provide your grade level and content area of licensure in the assignment.

2. Combine the course readings with independent research on literacy assessment strategies in order to create plans to assess students’ literacy focusing on each dimension of literacy – oral language, phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.

3. Make sure that your plans connect to the books that your students will read by including specific vocabulary from the book in word based assessments and include specific comprehension strategies when assessing comprehension. Make sure to plan for assessing phonological awareness, phonics, and fluency even if you plan to teach at the secondary level.

4. Cite the credible sources you found through your research on literacy assessment to create your plans.