Marketing management discussion1 | MKT 500 – Marketing Management | Strayer University


  • Introduce yourself in the marketing tradition by creating a billboard about you. It has to be short—after all, if you are driving you can’t read a lot of words on a billboard. It has to be focused. And, it has to convey your “brand” to your colleagues. This should be a little challenging, but fun. Welcome to marketing!
  • Be sure to respond to the billboard introduction of at least one other student.

Watch the video, International Marketing Foundations: The Four Ps of Marketing

  • In this course, you will create a hypothetical company built on the 4P’s of marketing.  This company must be located in the United States and cannot be a company that you already own or work for.  Ideally, this should be a for-profit, consumer-based business.
  • For this first discussion, describe your hypothetical company, its physical location (this is required), and the product it makes or the service it provides.  This should be a 300 – 500-word discussion.


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