marketing product development project milestone 3

Submit Stage 3: Sections VI & VII and Stage 4: Sections VIII & IX of the Marketing and New Product Development Plan.

The assignment requires students to identify a “New Product”. It can be almost anything, even an impossible or whimsical product, but NOT one that exists or has any relationship to products your company may offer.

I have selected following product and wrote some product overview. Last few weeks you worked on the same project and completed Stage – 1 & 2 and now you need to add more content to Stage – 3 (Sections VI and VII) and Stage – 4 (Sections VIII and IX).

Product Overview

Smart Battery which is the new product of Oasis Technology, Inc. is the hypothetical Product. It is a new advanced technology product by which cell phone to be energized radically by talking onto the phone. The innovation transforms sound into power enabling a versatile to be fueled up while a discussion is in advance and the more prominent the volume, the more noteworthy the charge. The innovation could likewise be utilized to control up close to home music players, raising the likelihood of charging an iPod by playing music on the device. The sound that dependably exists in our regular daily existence and condition has been disregarded as an administration which propels us to acknowledge control age by turning sound vitality for discourse, music, or commotion into electrical power. A sound retaining cushion on top vibrates when sound waves hit it, causing the minor zinc oxide wire to pack and discharge. This creates an electrical current that would then be able to be utilized to charge a battery. It will be useful for the inborn and coastal territories individuals where there is no power. It will make the opportunity to grow up portable clients. It could likewise assist warriors with carrying on batteries. Anyway, it intends to enter the local market with its acquisition base, generation process and nature of items and some appraised enough money related assets.


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