mary shelley frankenstein or the modern prometheus


Or, the Modern Prometheus

Students will undertake a number of

short writing assignments which will culminate in a narrative essay that addresses questions of

identity such as Who am I? and Who does society say I am?

will involve these elements:

1-Read and annotate all readings; submit one annotated essay.

Maintain a Respond and Reflect Journal related to assigned reading materials.

2-Write a 3 page personal narrative that explores issues of identity and includes a Works Cited page listing two to three citations. Use MLA styling.

3-Include a final reflection about this project and the writing process. This reflection should be about one to two pages in length. What aspects of this project progressed smoothly for you? What aspects were problematic? What questions did this project raise for you? What did you learn from this project? Was anything about this project surprising to you? What is the most interesting part of your project? What reading, writing, or research tool might help you improve in your next project?


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