minorities and health care

In this assignment, you will create a chart in Microsoft Word that profiles two minority populations, which can be selected from the options on the Office of Minority Health (OMH) website:

The Office of Minority Health

The Office of Minority Health

The Office of Minority Health


Your profile for each population needs to contain information for the following categories:

  1. Demographics: How large is the group’s population size within the United States? What is the age range that comprises the largest segment of the population?
  2. Cultural Norms: Lifestyle and diet habits that may have a significant impact on health.
  3. Religious and Spiritual Beliefs: Are there belief systems that may impact health-related decisions?
  4. Primary Insurance Coverage: What portion of the population has coverage?
  5. Education: What is the average education level for this population?
  6. Medical Conditions: Are there medical conditions common to the population?
  7. Outreach: What efforts have been made to increase medical access to the population?

Based on the chart’s information, write a 800-1,000 word paper that discusses the following:

  1. The similarities and differences of these two groups with regard to accessing health care.
  2. As health care professionals, could we address these factors so as to increase trust in these populations?
  3. What role do you believe cultural proficiency among health care professionals may have in mitigating the challenges in providing service to these groups?


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