Module 5 discussion | Criminal homework help

In a minimum of 150 words, using scholarly material and proper citations in a discussion format, discuss why might trickery, innuendo, or even falsehoods asserted by police during questioning not be Fifth Amendment violations. Your initial discussion board response must reflect at least three sources, such as your textbook and other scholarly materials (i.e, journal articles, information from other textbooks are not acceptable), APA formatted paragraphs with in-text citations, and an APA formatted reference list to receive full credit. Your scholarly references are to be material within five years of the date of this class.  Do not submit any academic material without the author’s name or original published date of the material. No author or dated (n.d.) material is acceptable. Your initial discussion thread is due five days after the opening of this coursework.

Additionally, in a minimum of 150 words, respond to at least two of your peers (75 words per peer review) to receive full credit. I encouraged scholarly/academic references, but they are not necessary.