Mrs. vp, female, 79 years old, underwent open reduction and internal


Mrs. VP, female, 79 years old, underwent open reduction and internal fixation surgery for a fracture of her right hip. She suffered from pressure injuries and pneumonia due to not getting out of bed regularly during hospitalization. Currently receiving family health care services at her daughter’s house. Inadequate dietary intake during hospitalization resulted in a weight loss of 5 pounds in 4 weeks. She eats only half of her usual meal. Because of the pain in the buttocks, Mrs. VP refused to get out of bed strongly, and it was difficult for her to get to the toilet. Therefore, she wears adult diapers for a long time, the skin of her perineum is relatively wet, and the skin at the end is pale and thin.

Please choose the correct answers in brackets for the following questions:

1. What are the risk factors of pressure injury in Mrs. VP?

A. old age

B. Insufficient intake

C. Weight loss

D. Limited activity

E. Moist skin on the perineum

2. In this case, which of the following factor caused the pressure injury? (

A. incontinence  

B. Continuous pressure

C. heat  

D. diabetes

3. The patient’s pressure injury is located 2*3cm in the caudal sacrum,The skin defect reaches the subcutaneous tissue layer and there is sinus formation,Bones are not visible,What periods do you think the stress injury belongs to?

A. period 1   

B. period 2  

C. period 3 

D. period 4