mythbuster assignment 1

**all these is specific requirements from the instructor, and I have attached the premade outline I’ve made. I just need the paper portion done, which is a minimum of 1,000 words. Needs to be specific to what the instructor is asking for, please read all instructions I just need the essay.

Mythbuster Assignment- Beliefs Survey, Outline, Essay, and Revised Essay. This course will introduce you to essential psychology material and content, and I will test your comprehension with examinations. Yet, I understand that most of you will not major in psychology, and much of the psychology content that we cover will fade from your memory after this semester. Therefore, I have thought much about what I hope will remain with you long after your time in this class has ended.

I hope that some of your beliefs about psychology will change in lasting ways. In this spirit, we will think critically about popular beliefs that are often perpetuated as proverbs and pop psychology on internet sites, Facebook, and other media. According to Lillienfield (2014) erroneous beliefs about psychology happen by word-of-mouth, desires for easy answers and quick fixes, selective perception and memory, inferring causation from correlation, poor logic and reasoning, biased sampling, exaggerating a small truth, and confusing terms, etc. It is my goal that you will learn why some of these errors happen and become better at avoiding these mistakes.

Therefore, at the beginning of the course, you will take a survey about psychological beliefs. You will receive credit just for completing this survey in Canvas. You will eventually write a well-polished paper, in which you describe one of 50 popular psychology misconceptions and summarize the research that refutes it. I expect your essays to be a minimum of 1000 words (which is approximately 4 pages), double-spaced, in 12 pt. Times New Roman font, with 1-inch margins.

After completing the survey about your beliefs, you will receive research-related instruction from librarians and from your instructor. You will then select one of the myths from 50 Great Myths in Popular Psychology, which is available as an ebook from the CSN library page (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. The short chapter that you select will serve as the basis of your essay. It will be a starting point to acquire and study peer-reviewed journal articles on your topic. You will need to cite 5 sources with at least 3 journal articles both in-text and in your reference list in your outline, draft, and revised essay.

After you receive research-related instruction, you will construct a brief outline on your topic. You will later develop your outline and construct your essay. You will receive feedback from your peers and instructor to help you revise your essay. Your outline and draft will only be a small portion of your grade, but your revised essay will be worth a substantial portion of your grade; I will grade each assignment according to more detailed rubrics in Canvas, but the essay rubric generally looks like this:

Rubric displaying categories with descriptions and percentage of grade for each categories


% of grade


You excelled in introducing the misconception in a way that was engaging for your reader. You were clear in orienting your reader to the purpose of your essay with a direct thesis statement (e.g., “This essay will…”). You avoided first and second person to stay with the style of a research essay (third person). You did this using about 125 words or more. (about 12.5% of your essay)


Why the Misconception Occurs

You excelled in describing reasons why the misconception occurs and provided evidence and/or specific references to people or places that have perpetuated the misconception. You did this in a way that provides support for your assertions about why the misconception occurs. If there is an earlier research study that has been misinterpreted, you summarized this earlier study consistent with the “Research” section of the rubric below. You did this using about 250 words or more. (about 25% of your essay)



You excelled in describing research that refutes the misconception. You were careful to avoid plagiarism and obtained a green similarity report through Turnitin. You used the author’s or authors’ last name(s) and the year of publication when you were summarizing research (e.g., Smith, 2012) and used quotes and the page number whenever you were using the language of any source (e.g., Smith and Wilson’s (2012) write, “…” (p. 3). You did this in about 500 words or more. (about 50% of your essay)



You summarized the main idea of each section above (i.e., you summarized the misconception itself, why it occurs, and the research that refutes it… probably in the form of a statement similar to your thesis statement). You considered the implications of perpetuating this misconception as well as the benefits of correcting the misconception and getting it right. (about 12.5% of your essay)


Clarity and Precision

Your writing was exceptionally clear, concise, and easy to read throughout; there were no vague pronouns referring to prior sentences, like “This shows us…,” ambiguities, or guessing for the reader. Your writing was also largely free from redundant wordiness, thoughts and feelings, author’s first names or initials, the titles of articles in-text, the editorial we, you referring to the reader, overstatements, and sexist or biased language.


Format, Voice, Spelling, and Grammar

Your formatting looked professional and was 12 pt. Times New Roman font, double-spaced with 1-inch margins. You did not have your name and my name on the essay. You just began with a title, centered, in title-case. You used a formal voice and grammar that provided an ethos of credibility throughout your writing. There were little to no informalities, like singular uses of they/their, contractions or slang, spelling errors, typos, or grammar that negatively affected the credibility of your voice and writing.


Reference List

You have a reference list that begins on a new page with the word “References” centered at the top of the page in regular text, not bold nor italic. Each reference cited in text is included alphabetically in your reference list, and you cited each reference at least once in the text of your paper. You listed at least 5 sources, with at least 3 scholarly sources (which are peer-reviewed journal articles of actual research) in your reference list that are correct in terms of APA formatting. You may have copied and pasted the citation from somewhere like Google Scholar, and although there may be minor formatting errors, the important information has been included in the correct style (APA). Your formatting was, or was close to, APA style with double spacing and hanging indentation.


This assignment may be challenging, but I have built a structure to help you succeed and develop important skills. These writing and research skills will serve you in this class, in other classes, and throughout your life. In order to succeed on this assignment:

  • You must read and study one chapter in the 50 Great Myths book carefully.
  • You must learn/know how to research scholarly peer-reviewed resources using library databases and Google Scholar. Consider meeting with a librarian in-person or virtually for help.
  • You must learn/know how to cite your sources after each and every instance in the text of your essay AND at the end as a reference list using APA style. Consider meeting with a librarian in-person or virtually for help.
  • You must submit your essay to Turnitin through Canvas, and you must receive a low level of similarity with other sources. If you do not receive a green similarity report, then you may fail this assignment.
  • Consider visiting the writing center.
  • Consider submitting your essay to your online tutoring resource in Canvas (e.g., Smarthinking or Brainfuse)
  • You must incorporate feedback from your peers, the writing center, Smarthinking/Brainfuse tutors, and/or me in ways that show substantial revisions and improvements in your revised essay.


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