need help writing a term paper

My course is Film and TV Appreciation, so kinda connect it to it.

I need to write a 2 page thesis paper, However, I need to pick a topic and i thought if u are going to write it. You might as well pick what fits you better. However, it needs to match to the topics I have in my class
fandom and cinephilia,
new TV genres,
revolutionary discourses, social movements,
New German Cinema, social pressure
time-based narrative experiments, Southeast Asian cinema, British heritage cinema, film festival circuit
cinesthetic subject, bodily responses to film, affect, atemporal cinema, failure, loss, desire
post-colonialism, cinema realism, symbolism, collective non-memory, racism, guilt, class privilege, traumafeminist film, auterist film-making, Rive Gauche cinema movement,
sexual/gender politics, hyperrealism, experimental editing, digital film

nostalgia as paratext and meta-paratext, dream realities, soundtrack, fandom, affect, reception

After u finish it, i will need you again for once he graded it so you can do any corrections so we can improve it


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