Netflix case 27 | Business & Finance homework help


Netflix Inc. Read Case 27: The 2011 Rebranding/Price Increase Debacle

Answer the following questions in a PowerPoint presentation consisting of 10-15 slides, and provide an engaging presentation with rich speaker’s notes and a proper case analysis.

  • Describe the current state of the industry within which Netflix operates and identify any opportunities or threats facing industry players.
  • Which grand strategies has Netflix used in the past, especially during the time period our case describes? Evaluate the success of these strategies.
  • Which Grand Strategy is Netflix currently using? Explain your answer in relation to the Grand Strategy Selection Matrix.
  • Provide at least two recommendations for Netflix to be successful in the present state of the industry.
  • Find a comparable company and demonstrate some of the opportunities and challenges that company may encounter applying similar strategies.

Please use two more sources in addition to the provided case study.