NURS103: Practical Nursing Assignment

NURS103: Practical Nursing Assignment

Learning Outcomes

  1. Be able to discuss diversity and culture as it relates to health wellness and illness; health practices and behaviors; and establishing a culturally safe environment.
  2. Be able to explain concepts that foster the development of effective communication, therapeutic relationships, and conflict resolution in the context of professional relationships.NURS103: Practical Nursing Assignment

Paper Guidelines


  1. Include an introduction to your paper. Maximum requirement half (½) a page.


  1. Cultural Diversity: Research and discuss Indigenous peoples and culture in Canada. Be sure to include all relevant information in your discussion.
  2. Cultural Competence: For this section, you must read through the following case scenario and supporting article. Answer the related questions on the next page as per the instructions.


Case Scenario

Dasan, a 50-year old Indigenous client is diagnosed with liver cancer. During a teaching session with him, the nurse makes a connection between his drinking history which began in his early teens, and states that “drinking is part of the culture in your community.” While in the hospital, he seems very uncommunicative, sad, and, contrary to the nurse’s expectation, receives very few visitors. He traveled from his rural community to undergo chemotherapy as planned but later decided to forego the treatment and return home to be with his family. Two weeks later his wife calls and tells the nurse that he was too scared to continue the procedure, that he is a spiritual leader in the community and this was not taken into account when the nurse did her teachings with him. His wife offers to meet with the nurse to further discuss this so that future Indigenous clients will not have to go for treatment without their culture and spirituality being taken into account.

Based on the case scenario and article, select and answer any two (2) questions of your choice from Part A and the one (1) question from Part B (all students must answer this question). As you answer the questions, think through the various perspectives that may be encountered in the healthcare environment.

Part A (All students must select and answer any two [2] questions of your choice)

  1. What are some words used in the case scenario and article that may indicate a bias in providing healthcare to Indigenous peoples? Discuss why you chose these words. How can the healthcare system and you, as a healthcare worker, provide culturally safe care and promote effective communication to Indigenous clients like Dasan, to ensure they receive the best possible care?NURS103: Practical Nursing Assignment
  2. What are some of the reasons Indigenous peoples may be reluctant to access health care services? Discuss how these may have contributed to Dasan’s decision to forego treatment for his liver cancer. What strategies can be utilized to prevent or manage the situation?
  3. What is the nurse’s comment on Dasan and his community as an example of? How do comments such as this affect your perception of care that could be delivered to Indigenous peoples? What strategies should be used to address the issues such as the one illustrated through the nurse’s comment during your care of an Indigenous client?
  4. Identify and discuss some of the alternative healing practices that Indigenous peoples use. Discuss how the healthcare environment incorporates these into its practices today. How would you utilize these in your care for Dasan?

Part B (All students must answer this question)

  1. Reflect on your and your family’s cultural beliefs and values. How could these impact the care you provide and your relationships with clients? Discuss what you should do to minimize biases in the care you will provide

NURS103: Practical Nursing Assignment