online class bus 120 financial accounting fundamentals sixth edition by john j wild 1

My Class is Online BUS-120 ( Financial Accounting Fundamentals) sixth Edition by John J. Wild.

I need tutor to handle just 10 assignments ( Home Work, Quizzes & Testes). Start from Oct 3 and end Oct 22.

Class Syllabus:

Course Description:This course introduces the concepts and terminology of accounting and financial reporting for modern business enterprises. This course will help you learn to analyze and interpret accounting information for use in making decisions about organizations. By the end of the term, you should be able to analyze the accounting reports of most businesses to assess how well they are performing and to identify major strengths and weaknesses revealed by the reports. To accomplish this objective, you will learn basic accounting concepts and the relationship between accounting information and business activities. In addition, you will practice problem-solving, critical thinking, and communication skills that are necessary to use accounting information, to form conclusions about business activities, and to communicate these conclusions to others. This will help you understand how the various fields of business work together. It will help you develop the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in business school and expected by employers.


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